Why & How to support the 17th ICQC


The ICQC covers a variety of topics in the area of theoretical and computational chemistry. Computational chemistry is a useful and effective tool commonly applied to many branches of science, such as design of new drugs, development of new materials, predicting and explaining properties of chemical compounds, environmental and atmospheric research, and even astrophysics. Chemistry on a supercomputer is often the faster, cheaper and environmentally cleaner alternative to the traditional ‘test-tube’ chemistry.

ICQC is held triennially since 1973. It is organized under the patronage of the International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science, which strives to bring together the most successful scientists in the field in order to inspire its audience and promote the exchange of ideas, thus helping to advance the basic and applied research in quantum chemistry.

Any support is welcome, and we are open to discuss its form and level. If the idea of supporting scientific pursuits appeals to you and you would like to see your name or brand associated with this prestigious event, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@icqc2021.org for further information.